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#1 2010-02-24 02:46:48


timer <pin> capture cycle

Was wondering if Someone from SPS could explain using this to me.

as in my other thread if using chameleon to read transducer.  I am trying to time signals comming from my press.   basically pin 9 goes low when I get signal from press. (during inject cycle)  stays high when not using pull up on chameleon.

was wondering If I would be able to use this command to get the time I am looking for.  I am looking to keep as much from my software as posible as to not get false readings with execution time / system load.




#2 2010-03-01 17:23:51

SPS Support Team

Re: timer <pin> capture cycle

Hello AlanH,

The very latest firmware (3.5) now has the ability to measure the duration of a pulse, or a full cycle of an incoming signal.
The edge polarity is programmable too, so a negative going edge can set the start of the measurement.
If your ÁChameleon is just a few month old, you may need to upgrade. The latest upgrader package, that also includes the 3.5 firmware can be found at: …

You will also want the corresponding user manual at: … al_3.5.pdf
and want to look at section 1.14. "Frequency and pulse duration measurements"

Best regards,



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