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#1 2009-09-28 19:55:57

New member

Switch / Pushbutton on digital inputs


I want to connect a simple switch or pushbutton to a digital input on my ÁChameleon, and check the on/off state on a digital input. How do I connect it, and do I need external components ?


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#2 2009-09-29 18:24:50

SPS Support Team

Re: Switch / Pushbutton on digital inputs

Dear Motorhead,

To sense the state of a switch or pushbutton, you connect one side of your switch to the GND (ground or 0 Volts), and the other side to a digital input. To have a well-defined voltage level when the switch is off, you connect a pull-up resistor to the +5V. On the ÁChameleon, pins 9 to 16 have internal, software programmable pull-up resistors, so using these pins means you need no extra components but your switch.
We recommend the use of a resistor in the 10kΩ to 47kΩ range.




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