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#1 2009-11-02 08:36:00

New member

Rotary Encoder

If I wish to connect a rotary encoder so I can copunt revolutions of a shaft, what sort of encoder should I choose?  Also would they go on analogue or digital input?



#2 2009-11-03 17:33:29

SPS Support Team

Re: Rotary Encoder

Hi mathewsa,
There are many types of encoders available, the most easy to use on the ÁChameleon are the digital, quadrature encoders, that can be mechanical or optical. The simplest way to count pulses is by use of the 'pin monitor' feature of the ÁChameleon firmware. When one input changes state, the ÁChameleon notifies of the change, and tells the new pin state. If a pin has changed, the state of the other pin tells you if a clockwise or anticlockwise rotation occured. Keeping track of those events by incrementing or decrementing a variable gets you a reliable, high resolution position/angle/turn count for your application.



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