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#1 2009-11-25 21:56:51

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I'm trying to create a sinewave using the pwm pins, was wondering if there is a built in function in the internal uchameleon programming language that is capable of generating this variable pwm




#2 2010-08-15 19:32:32

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Re: Sinewave

AND ??



#3 2010-09-01 11:24:31


Re: Sinewave

You need a complex temporization... You could use a pwm signal to create an analog output. The analog output value must be the sin function value. It will not be an accurate value, an accurate voltage and will be noisy at multiple frequency.

if you use 1000 temporal pwm values to create a sin period you will have with 10 MHz freq a freq of 10 KHz... it's audible band!!! And I dont think that uChamy will change every value at its highest speed!!!

(PS I dont remember well if pwm signal use 10MHz or 10MHz/32... but it will be however in audible band)

Max sin frequency will be at audible band to achieve a sufficient precision, so you could use a sound blaster instead, to do that and a software sin generator like "WinISD" at to create the sound.

ST7FLite39 daughter board
REva 2.10
RLink 3.4
"uChameleon" as: SPI Master for debug, Analog output for sensing emulation



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